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Cockroach Control

CnO Remover® is a plant-based green insecticidal soap that manages cockroach infestations and odour in refuse chutes and bin centres in Town Councils of Singapore.

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Qualities of CnO Remover®

100% mortality rate for all kinds of cockroaches

It has a residual efficacy of 28 days

There is no flushing effect

fully biodegradable
(TUV SUD Tested)

Sanitizing effect

Removes Odour

NEA Approved

Plant based

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Modes of usage

There are essentially 2 types of dispensers used. Cord or cordless

ulv cold fogger.jpg

In areas where accessibility of electrical points are convenient, ULV Cold Fogger is recommended.

Specifications • 6 litres tank capacity • 60 LPH flow rate • 5-50 microns droplet size • 110 & 220V voltage • 4.5kg net weight • 63 x 20 x 31 cm dimensions

sr450 gasoline sprayer.png

In areas where electrical power points are more challenged, we recommend adopting a portable fogger with similar flow rate that run on gasoline.

STIHL SR450 • 3.7 litres tank capacity • Gasoline • 28 kg

Questions about CnO Remover®? Learn more about it from our partner provider.

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